I stepped outside to view the spring

Still lots of brown, some grass is green

Alone in my flower bed

Stands one purple flower, raising his head


This shows the spring is really here

And the others will soon appear.

The first one is most special though

We’ve waited all winter for it to grow


It’s a sign again our Creator’s in charge

We can’t create a flower or time it’s birth

No – we just enjoy the things given

From our Father to us on earth.

The Essence of Spring

The newness in the air,
Brushes my cheek,
With a sense of warmth.
Something has begun.
See it in the birds?
Goldfinches claim their gold,
And courtship begins,
Through song and dance.
The hard brown earth,
Slowly yields,
To random bursts,
Of varied hue.
Thoughts turn,
To days gone by,
Baseball, lemonade,
And first love.
A timid kiss,
A bashful touch,
And that song that rekindles,
The essence of spring.


Nel Babitzke