What You’ve Been Lookin’ For

You won’t find Him on your TV,
Or in the self-help books you know.
That’s not Him on the big screen,
Over at the picture show.

Don’t bother looking at the racetrack,
Or standing at the sports bar.
And you won’t need to take a backpack,
No need to go that far.

If you’re lookin’ for God,
Like He’s lookin’ for you,
There’s only one place to go.
Down on your knees,
Give me Jesus, please,
He’s what you’ve been lookin’ for.

You might see Him in a stranger’s smile,
When you’re feeling all alone.
You might hear Him in a sad song
That takes your heart back home.

Might even feel Him in a church pew,
He might possibly be there,
But if you really want to find God,
Bow your head in prayer.

Jesus is there,
He’s easy to find,
He’s been waiting all this time.
Say a prayer,
Ask Him in,
And your heart will come to life.

You’ll find something in your heart
When you find the Lord,
Something that wasn’t there before.
There’s peace and joy
Behond the door.
Just what you’ve been lookin’ for.