About Us


The Peoria Poetry Club was founded in 1941 by a diligent group of five who shared a craft, a vision, and a goal.  The principles set forth by that pioneer group remain in place today as members share the craft of poetry; the vision of learning while encouraging others; and the goal of inspiring poetry and prose that captures and holds the imaginations of its readers.


The Peoria Poetry Club meets the second Saturday of each month at 12:00pm. Meeting are located at the Riverview Senior Living Community, 500 Centennial Dr., East Peoria.

Club Poets

Richard Dillon
Why Poetry
To Life

Nel Babitzke
Nicole Bell
Mary “Luan” Borquist
Helen Burgess
Vera Chaffee
Richard J. Dillon, M.I.
Janet Ellis
Robert Fischer
Haley Funk
Lois Funk
Marilyn Hodge
John Lee
Rebecca A. Logue
Jessie Lunini
Brooks McDaniel
Virginia Nyman
Phyllis Webb Pryde
Bill Renski
Mike Rucker
Betty Snodgrass
Betty Jean Steinbach
George Tanner
Mabel Tanner

Anne Peterson

October Guest speaker, Anne Peterson, (right).

Peoria Poetry Club’s October 2010 speaker was Anne Peterson. Anne spoke on how God turned the adversities in her life into blessings through written and spoken communications.  Anne’s poems combine with her daughter Jessie Peterson’s photography, to form moving works of art.