Meetings, and Coming Events

The Peoria Poetry Club meets at 12:00 p.m., the second Saturday of  each month at  Riverview Senior Living Community, 500 Centennial Drive, East Peoria. Or bring a sack lunch and join us for conversation, at 11:30. Our featured programs begin at 1:00 p.m.


History of Club Officers

1941-1941    Ina L. Mellichamp
1941-1942    La Vetta Hummel
1942-1944    Willella Shearer Kennedy
1944-1946    Gladys V. Castle [Fleming]
1946-1948    Ethel Caffee
1948-1955    L.M. Woodruff
1955-1957    David Citron
1957-1959    James Shipley
1959-1961    Harry Fauth
1961-1963    Helen Dehner
1963-1965    John Dehner
1965-1967    Hartley Crosbie
1967-1968    Shirley Rice
1968-1969    Catherine Barger
1969-1970    Anna N. Zimmerman
1970-1971    Agnes Marme
1971-1972    Jacob Lentz
1972-1973    Steve McDonald
1973-1975    Evelyn Davis
1975-1977    Dr. Edwina Doran
1977-1979    Bell Delicath
1979-1980    Delma Karmes
1980-1982    Dorothy Craig
1982-1983    Georgia Haueisen
1983-1985    George Chaffee
1985-1986    Nyal Kerrick
1986-1987    Glenna Lamb
1987-1988    Erwin Keyster
1988-1989    Betty Wilson
1990-1991    Mary Meismer
1991-1993    Bill Snodgrass
1993-1995    Dianne Edwards
1995-1997   Sister Margie Meismer
1997-1999   Bill Snodgrass
1999-2002   Moderators (Various)
2002-2004   Art Allen
2004-2006    Moderators (Various)
2006-2012    Joan Johnson

2012-2014    Lois Funk

2014-………..    George Tanner

Poetry from Club Archives

by   Lewis M. Woodruff

A thoughtful person asked of me
“How do some folks find poetry?
They write it down, it seems, with ease
But tell me where it comes from, please.”

I answered, “Poetry is found
In everything that is around,
A poem may come from what you see,
Hear, touch or feel or think to be.

A poem may only be a word
Or, pages of what’s seen or heard.
It may relate to times gone by,
Make readers laugh or sometimes cry.

It may be great, it may be small
Or deal with anything at all.
It may treat of the world outside
Or inner thoughts you mostly hide.

So, all that poets really seek,
Is that great gift we have to find
Within our heart, or our own mind
For poetry touches, lose or win,
Both heaven and earth, and all therein.”