Take Me Back

When Darkness closes in around me,
And I feel the separation like a sword
My lonely heart cries out to God,
And I find strength and comfort in his word.

I find peace in the midst of turmoil,
Joy in my times of fear,
Strength when I’m weak and tired,
I am still and God is here.

His life shines warm and simple,
Reflected in the pages that I turn.
My Lord has never left me.
All this time it’s me who has been gone.

Take me back, O Lord.
Take me back to where,
I feel your peace and comfort,
I feel your hand on me.

Take me back, O Lord.
Forgive me for the ugly things I’ve done.
Melt this heart of stone I’ve cultivated.
Hold me in your loving arms once more.

Nel Babitzke

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Nel Babitzke

I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and graduated from Peoria High School. Poet Nel Babitzke in Fall leaves Nel Babitzke I graduated from Midstate College in 1977, with a degree in Medical/Dental Assisting; from ICC in 1987, with a degree in Liberal Arts; and from ISU in 1990, with a degree in Mass Communications. I am an only child, who has an only child. I have always written poetry. My proper-speaking English grandmother taught me to love words. I have poems published in the 1987 edition of the ICC Writer, and I won the Silver Medal in the 2009 Heart of Illinois Senior Olympics Poetry Competition. I joined the Peoria Poetry Club in 2008.

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