Bill Snodgrass

I was born in Evansville, Indiana, but raised mostly in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas, moving back to Evansville at age thirteen. 

I sort of started writing some poems when I was fourteen or fifteen years old, the puppy-love, broken-hearted kind; also humor. 

It was in my blood from my mother, who wrote poems and songs and had some poems published.  Several of mine have been published in Peoria Poetry Club anthologies, newspapers, and amateur press papers that go around the world, at least England, Canada and Australia, plus the Netherlands.  (Hope they didn’t throw’m in the Zuyder Zee.)

My wife Betty and I have two children out of five who write poetry.  Our oldest (a son who teaches Latin in Colorado), had one poem published in a book called (I believe) “Who’s Who Among American High School Students.”  One daughter has a poem on this website.  Our other three kids have written a total of one poem apiece.  All can draw pretty darn good.  Perhaps they and I can do our own illustrations for our own planned poetry book. 

I have been a member of the Peoria Poetry Club since 1985 and have held the office of Recording Secretary and Program Chairman; the office of Vice-President; and the office of President several times.  I was also Historian for a time. I designed the cover of the 1991 anthology,  Poet’s Gold, and was Publication Chairman for that anthology.


Sand Candle