Betty Snodgrass


I was born in Nebo, Kentucky, in 1931, into a family that already had four boys.  We moved to Evansville, Indiana, after WWII started, Mom and Dad getting defense work, and all of my brothers eventually entering the armed services.  (My oldest brother died in France in 1944.)  The first year, my parents lived with a relative, and I boarded with a great-aunt in Nebo.  So, on alternate Saturdays, I went to the highway, waved down the Greyhound bus, and went to visit my parents, about 50 miles away (an exercise in independence).

I went to school in Kentucky, finishing high school in Evansville.  (I was the winner of the spelling bee in my senior year, 1949.)  Some years later, this was supplemented by a few college courses at ICC.

I married Bill in 1950, and we moved to Peoria, Illinois, in 1956.  We have five children, plus grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

I joined the Peoria Poetry Club in February of 1989, have served as Recording Secretary, and am still Treasurer.  I have been Co-editor or Associate Editor of the last four anthologies published by the Club, namely, Poets’ Gold, 1991; The Peoria Poetry Club Anthology, 2001; Touchstones of the Soul, 1994; and Diamond Fields, 2006. 


Glorious Springtime




Perils of Life