Poetry from Club Archives

by   Lewis M. Woodruff

A thoughtful person asked of me
“How do some folks find poetry?
They write it down, it seems, with ease
But tell me where it comes from, please.”

I answered, “Poetry is found
In everything that is around,
A poem may come from what you see,
Hear, touch or feel or think to be.

A poem may only be a word
Or, pages of what’s seen or heard.
It may relate to times gone by,
Make readers laugh or sometimes cry.

It may be great, it may be small
Or deal with anything at all.
It may treat of the world outside
Or inner thoughts you mostly hide.

So, all that poets really seek,
Is that great gift we have to find
Within our heart, or our own mind
For poetry touches, lose or win,
Both heaven and earth, and all therein.”