Changing Addresses Without Knowing the Neighborhood

It’s a gated community,
full of stone heads…and head stones.
And I, dressed in pink, that kindly color,
blushing from the mortician’s touch,
have a premonition that once again
I’ve leaped before I looked.
Such impulsiveness!
I jumped into life,
said ‘yes’ to everything!
So, I’m hooked.

But now I know:
Eternity started yesterday
and I am shedding clods of earth from
the rough spots on my soul,
searching for the sun
to birth the spirit that is me.
Me, like my glowing paperweight,
filled with a scramble of confetti curls,
pinks, winter-whites, a silvery hue,
dusky distractions running through.
The confetti floats above the wind
until I am unwound,
Just me!
A daughter of God and Eternity.