The Top Hat (In Memory of Fred Funk)

Fred Funk in Top Hat
Fred Funk

I’ve got a beaver top hat
That bears no formal size.
It holds a special place upon
The shelf it occupies.
The box it’s in is shaped much like
The hat, turned upside down;
The stamp inside the hat says it
Was made in London town.

It came here on a sailing ship,
Across the open sea;
The gentleman who used to own it
Passed it on to me.
He was a citizen of times
The top hat represents,
When women were still ladies and
When men were really gents.

A stretchy band inside the hat
Holds one large safety pin.
When asked just what that pin was for,
The gent could only grin
And say it was the custom for
A man to carry one
In case the stitches of his lady’s
Hem should come undone.

I seldom have occasion
To wear the hat myself;
It gives me satisfaction just
To know it’s on my shelf.

©  2006  Lois J. Funk