Patrick Johnson


When homecoming game came, I was not there, but lost
In thought, about the memory of that past champion life,
When life was a fun busy game, and I, not yet across
The dim flight of no return, could run fast with the abandon of wild-life!

Waking up from that vast dream, my own loud funeral dirge
Clouds my ears with cries, while some old Good Samaritan
Persists, persists in saying that I am not, completely, dead –
Even until even we believe him, and I grasp his hand

But as I do, I wonder whose side am I on,
If it’s more important to become my lost self or else
If we are, all of us, tied and deceived thereon,
While I’ve stalled at becoming someone else –

Emptied, now we choose the good as one tied Body,
And silently mind the mission announced by everybody.

(c) 2017 Patrick Johnson

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