When Will Bodily Death Come

When Will Bodily Death Come

How old will an individual live to be?
To us, this is a mystery.
A Life may be taken early or late.
Only Almighty God knows the specific date!
Many die when elderly,
While many loose life in infancy.
Some die while still within the womb.
What a dreadful place for a tomb!
Only a select few of the living scream. “Pro Choice.”
While womb bound babies have no voice,
Except for their silent, tormented scream!
About which many would-be mothers will dream!
Regardless of your particular stance,
Visit >www.priestsforlife.org<
For enlightenment, it’s well worth a glance.

Richard J. Dillon

September 1, 2003

Revised September 2016

Militia of the Immaculata

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Richard Dillon

I was raised in Chicago by my mother, who reared me mostly on her own; God rest her soul! In my final semester of high school, I got the wonderful opportunity to attend Loyola University on a one year scholarship that another student did not want. During my sophomore year, I withdrew from school and entered the Air Force to obtain the GI Bill. Air Force quota needs made it possible for me to study languages. I first studied Korean. Then, in later years, I got the chance to study Mandarin Chinese at Yale University. Years later, I studied French. Eventually, I returned to Loyola University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. I discovered poetry during critical times of my life, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "A Psalm of Life" left a great impression on me. My favorite poetry book is 101 Famous Poems, edited by Mr. Roy J. Cook. After my wife passed away (may she rest in peace), my son invited me to live with him. He got a management position in Peoria, and I came with him. I attended Bradley University as a Graduate Student at Large. I only audited one class a semester; my studies did not continue for very long. I joined the Peoria Poetry Club in 1998. For several years, I was constantly writing verse, but now I find that I only compose verse on rare occasions. I joined the Militia of the Immaculata (M.I.) in 2004.

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