George Tanner

George TannerI was born on June 18, 1939, in Cumberland County, Illinois, and spent my first 21 years in my hometown of Greenup.  My present place of residence is 205 N. Burson Street, Yates City, Illinois 61572.

In 1961, I earned my B.S. in Education, at Eastern Illinois University and came to teach (and coach junior high school sports) in Yates City.  I returned to Eastern Illinois University for my M.S. in Education in 1968; and for my Education Specialist (in Guidance and Counseling) in 1990.  I taught at Yates City for 18 years and then spent another 17 years at the Spoon River Valley schools.

In 1990, my need to better personalize Christmas cards led me to writing poetry.  Later, my interest in local competitions such as Carl Sandburg, Oak Hill, and Senior Olympics contests advanced my effort.

My poems have won the Carl Sandburg Contest in 1999, 2002, and 2004; the Edgard Award in the Oak Hill Poetry Competition in 1998; and the “Gold” a few times in the Peoria Senior Olympics.

“friendship, the staff of life; poetry, its bloom”

In the past two decades, I’ve become an avid reader of poetry, especially of the more popular contemporary poets.  I usually choose to buy collections; the Garrison Keillor volumes of Good Poems, and those selected by Billy Collins in poetry 180 are favorites.  I’m partial to the works of Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, and Ted Kooser.

Besides reading and writing, my hobbies include excercising, recycling, and dogs.

I hope to self-publish a book of poems in the near future.

life is done in prose, but
lasting friendships create
the poetry



in your absence

three oddities on D-Day beach