The Essence of Spring

The newness in the air,
Brushes my cheek,
With a sense of warmth.
Something has begun.
See it in the birds?
Goldfinches claim their gold,
And courtship begins,
Through song and dance.
The hard brown earth,
Slowly yields,
To random bursts,
Of varied hue.
Thoughts turn,
To days gone by,
Baseball, lemonade,
And first love.
A timid kiss,
A bashful touch,
And that song that rekindles,
The essence of spring.


Nel Babitzke

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Nel Babitzke

I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and graduated from Peoria High School. Poet Nel Babitzke in Fall leaves Nel Babitzke I graduated from Midstate College in 1977, with a degree in Medical/Dental Assisting; from ICC in 1987, with a degree in Liberal Arts; and from ISU in 1990, with a degree in Mass Communications. I am an only child, who has an only child. I have always written poetry. My proper-speaking English grandmother taught me to love words. I have poems published in the 1987 edition of the ICC Writer, and I won the Silver Medal in the 2009 Heart of Illinois Senior Olympics Poetry Competition. I joined the Peoria Poetry Club in 2008.

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