The Drummer Boy

The drummer boy’s drum beat a rhythm, as the soldiers marched.
The rat-tat-tat is steady, as his sticks danced upon the drumhead.

He went as the soldiers went and he kept a steady beat
As they go their way, in step, on tired and swollen feet.

Into battle the soldiers marched led by the boy’s drum,
Knowing well, as some fell, that there was worse to come.

The battle raged and all around, upon the ground, the soldiers fell.
The drum beat faltered, then stopped, the drummer died as well.

A careless shot fired has found a victim not intended.
The war itself, no dreary end, was uselessly extended.

But not before the pistol or rifle shot or canon’s roar
Consumed the men and boy; the drum beat heard no more.

There they lay, amid the fray, the soldiers in a heap.
Now they mingle, friend and foe, as if in silent sleep.

Their blood together flow, the drummer boys’ too,
The missiles struck and found a mark, caring not who.

On a dark and stormy night, wafting on the wind, some folks say
You can hear the steady rat-tat-tat of a drum in play, on Veteran’s Day.
* A young boy traveling with the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War.

Noah’s Ark

Now Noah, said the Lord, “I want you to build a big boat
And make it like I tell you so I know that it will float.”

So Noah called Menards and got a big load of gopher wood.
And he got his sons to help him work, as he knew he should.

And all Noah had was hand tools to shape the wood
So they cut and carved and it worked out real good.

But Mrs. Noah said, “It would take fewer workers if the boat wasn’t oversized.
Noah said, ”I tried to get some local workers but they weren’t unionized.”

So Noah built the ark in about a hundred years.
But it took its toll in much blood, sweat, and tears.

And all the local folks laughed at Noah’s land-locked boat.
They made fun of Noah’s work and said it wouldn’t float.

Noah didn’t gather up the animals as he thought he had to do.
The Lord did it for him and gathered them two-by-two.

Then it began to rain and the waters began to rise
And caught the local residents completely by surprise.

Every one of Noah’s family and his creature guests were there
Gathered aboard the boat, with fodder too, with plenty of room to spare.

So God shut the door as the waters rose some more
And the land began to recede to the other shore.

I would tell you how this ended if you wouldn’t mind,
But I was one of the others that got left behind.

* No disrespect intended.

Red Ryder

There is a man named Red Ryder who is a lover not a fighter.
Wherever he goes he steps on no toes and causes no stir.

He keeps his nose clean if you know what I mean.
He endeavors to be calm and serene.

He follows the rule and enters no school.
His game is to not fool, but to keep his cool.

He stays to himself and puts his fame on the shelf,
And never talks loud and is mild mannered himself.

He draws no attention; of himself makes no mention,
And always plays ball but creates no sensation.

He avoids the spotlight and of himself no photo ever was made.
He’s never seen at a movie, a sporting event or even a parade.

He stays home, never roams alone and has no female to date.
He’s never to be found and never around and nothing to celebrate.

That’s probably why you’ve never heard of Red Ryder.