“Stick To It”

Did 2017 End

With an uncompleted goal

Did that cause 2018

To start with some degree of woe


“Stick To It”


Richard J Dillon

Jan. 9th, 2018

Militia Of The Immaculata


Paul Maitland

The Fall of Autumn

As Autumn rolls from her summer hammock,
primps and dyes her pumpkin curls
wanting the grace of face, as apples
dangle crisp cold lures over schools
of open-mouthed boys, as maple
leaves dress for eye-treats and plot
tricks for rakes, as aired-out corn
elbows for elevator space,
as asters blaze blue wildfire
across brown road ditches
as dew on fading lawns whitens
like dandruff like old men’s hair
dissolved to bare, as birds join
seed and suet chow lines gorgeous
fat for flight or frost, as turkeys
gobble so we can, too, and grandma
scrubs her roaster, as dark encroaches
daylight and grandpa barns last bales
of hay, so Autumn stretches, groans,
climbs her creaky stairs, quavers,
teeters, leans out, topples forward
and falls unto white sheets of winter.

Paul H. Maitland Jr.